Monday, 9 December 2013

Character Spotlight: Brooke Tynes

I thought it would also be fun to to character spotlights on each of the series characters.  Of course we would have to start with our Beelzebabe herself, Brooke Tynes!

Real Name: Brooke Tynes
Alias: Beelzebabe
Eye Color: Hazel (human) / Yellow (demon)
Hair Color: Brown (human) / Black or super dark Red (demon)
First Appearance: Beelzebabe #1

Brooke is a very likable girl, but she has a few hangups like everyone does.  She tends to be a bit of an introvert, a neat freak, and very studious (nerdy even).  But Brooke has a secret side she keeps undercover... she loves masturbating (and she usually does that literally under the covers).  Whenever she needs a stress reliever she pulls out her vibrator (affectionately nicknamed "Gentle Ben") and combined with her active imagination she with diddle herself into a gushing orgasm!

She has always been ashamed of her hobby of self gratification and has always tried her best to keep it a secret.  But one day when she's consumed with an insatiable hunger for an orgasm, Brooke began to take more risks on her quest for self gratification.  During one of those questionable moments she found herself trapped in a closet while another couple fucked.  Upon orgasm, Brooke's horny body actually developed horns (along with wings, claws, fangs, and a tail)!  Beelzebabe was born!

Since that first transformation, Brooke has been on a quest to learn more about herself.  That search has placed her into some TIGHT SPOTS and some WET & STICKY situations!  Follow her adventures in detail via!

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