Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Beelzebabe #2 - Director's Commentary

Welcome to the commentary track for Beelzebabe #2!  Hopefully you've already read the first two Beelzebabe episodes, but if not don't despair!  You can read them both for free via these links: Episode #1 & Episode #2.

All caught up now?  Good.  Let's begin.

This cover was done very well by our series artist Nestor.  He followed my cover idea description well.  With the cover we wanted to tease the reader with demon-on-demon action along with making it a bit crazier by having them in such a mundane and normal environment (the college library).

The story begins moments after the cliffhanger from episode 1.  Brooke shows her heroism as she confronts Nyx.  He runs off in terror and Brooke thinks her strong will did the hard work... that is until she notices that Sabrina is also afraid of her.  While Brooke sees her new demonic self in the mirror, Sabrina runs off.

Poor Brooke is down on herself and tries to figure out her new supernatural situation.  Continuing our theme of female masturbation, we watch as Brooke masturbates in a public restroom stall next to another college girl fapping away.  Our other theme is derpy accidents, so as Brooke is about to orgasm she hits the trash can.  The noise startles the other girl who thought she was alone and Brooke has to run out in embarrassment. 

Being the studious girl she is, Brooke tries to figure out a solution to her problem in the library.  But being a horny perv, the old paintings turn her on and the fapping begins anew!  With her overactive imagination, Brooke conjures up another demon to help satisfy her.  So begins an epic public fuck between demons... plus the revelation of DUAL DEMON DICKS!

Brooke returns to her dorm room to try a ritual, but she's interrupted by her roommate Margo.  Margo gives her support to Brooke's unique situation and offers insight that shows that though she's a party girl, she's not a stupid party girl.  Lesbian sex ensues between best friends and we learn that the key to Brooke's transformation between forms is orgasms!  So ends the origin story and sets the groundwork for her later misadventures!

Throughout the episode we see a campus reporter named Andrew getting eyewitness accounts from Nyx and Sabrina about the demon they saw.  On the final page we see that he has named Brooke's alter ego "Beelzebabe" within the campus newspaper.  Andrew is determined to find out more about Beelzebabe.  Think of him as Lois Lane to Brooke/Beelzebabe's Superman.  That is the dynamic we're setting up.

We hope you enjoyed this commentary.  Feel free to join to get more of Brooke's ongoing saga.  Or if you're impatient you can order the first nine episodes via her original home on

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